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19.08.2008: Return pipe
Remove the clamp on the bypass valve, undo the screw on the lower end of the return pipe and remove the pipe.

High flow turbo inlet pipe installation on a 1999 Saab 9-5. A shiny polished stainless piece of art by Taliaferro. Prohibitively expensive and obsoleted by the Saab's own 2006+ cobra kit, this inlet pipe is still a nice thing to have both for the performance benefits it offers and the attention it grabs when you open the hood. It is a recommended accessory for stage 3 and higher for those who prefer to stick with the trusty old TD04 turbo, but wish to make it easier to breath at the top end.

The installation takes under an hour. Let the car cool off, since you will be working around the turbo - burning your hands is not fun. Be extra clean - wipe the pipe thoroughly before installation and be careful not to introduce any dirt into the intake or the turbo while it's open.


  • 13 mm socket and extention: heat shield, banjo and bracket bolts;
  • 10 mm socket: return pipe screw;
  • Torx T30 socket: turbo clamp and PCV line screw;
  • flat screwdriver: screw-type hose clamps;
  • pliers: spring-type hose clamps.


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