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17.06.2007: Ball
The ball is secured with two snap rings. Unseat the snap rings from their grooves, and you can push the ball back and forth along the rod.

Short shifter modification on the 1995 Saab 900. The procedure also applies to all 1994-1998 900, 1999-2002 9-3 and all 9-5 models. The shifter housing has to be removed from the car to perform the modification. For removal instructions on NG900 and 9-3, refer to this guide. A careful alignment has to be performed after re-installation, so it's perfectly centered and does not rub inside the housing. The reverse lock remains fully functional with this modification.

The main idea is to raise the fulcrum point of the shifter by moving the ball up on the stalk and lifting the ball socket on the housing. This results in a noticeably shorter longtitudinal throw and "meatier" shifter feel. If overdone, however, the shifter becomes too heavy to operate comfortably (at least when you're used to the feel of the stock shifter). Use care and consideration when choosing the adjustment amount.

The biggest amount you can raise the ball by is 30 mm. This will shorten the throw almost by half. I measured the knob travel between the 3rd and 4th gear at 6" in stock configuration and 3¼" when shortened to the max. This much adjustment already pushes the limits of the shifter housing, so it needs to be trimmed some, and the action becomes quite heavy. The recommended adjustment for most people would be about 20 mm.


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