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Shifter linkage alignment on a 1996 Saab 900 (should work for all 1994-2002 NG900/9-3 models). This procedure can cure the rubbery feel of the shifter, the difficulty to engage certain gears.


  • 13 mm socket;
  • two L-shaped 3 mm Allen keys;
  • long socket extension;
  • torque wrench;
  • ratchet handle.
4th gear

Car on the ground, engine off. Engage fourth gear.

Locate the small plastic plug on top of the gearbox and pull the plug out. Be careful not to break the plug: it's thin and long (about an inch long).
Allen key

Insert a locking pin into the opening. A 3 mm L-shaped Allen key works well. With the key inserted, make sure that you cannot change gears anymore.

Locate the clamp that holds the gear rod to the gearbox linkage (close to the firewall). There is a 13 mm nut on top of it.

Slacken the nut on the clamp. You will need a very long socket extension to reach it.

Pull the gear lever boot up. Move the lever to align the hole in the linkage rod with the hole in the shifter housing. Be careful as moving the shifter into the third gear position will completely disconnect the rod from the linkage.
Locking pin

Insert a second pin to lock the rod position. Tighten the nut on the clamp to 15.5 ft-lbs. Remove the locking pin from the transmission and plug the hole. Remove the pin from the shifter housing. Test the gearshift operation.

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