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06.08.2006: Stock amp
If you have an SE model, it will come with an external 40 Watt amplifier. It has three harnesses connected to it: a DIN-8 cable from the head unit, door speaker wires and power. Keep the wiring and remove the amp. They are in demand since these SE audio kits (amplifier and door speakers) cost good money at the dealer. Consider selling it to a fellow Saab owner.

Audio system upgrade on a 1995 Saab 900 SE convertible. The goal of this project was to improve the sound in the car. I kept the factory head unit because it has a reasonable sound quality, integrates with the SID and has a nice stock look. The remaining components were, however, replaced completely - new speakers, new wiring and a more powerful four-channel amplifier.

The job was done as a part of the car rebuild, so the interior is shown partially stripped. For dash removal and other interior disassembly issues refer to other documents.


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