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Climate control fan motor repair on a 1999 Saab 9-5. Blower motors tend to fail with age, but they are easy to inspect and service. More often than not, they can be brought back to life, which saves quite a bit of money (new motors are expensive). Worn brushes and dirty rotor surface are among the top causes of motor failures.

The motor is located right below the windshield. Start by opening the hood and removing the wipers. If they are stuck, use a gear puller or another suitable tool.
Wipers removed

Pull the rubber strip along the firewall. Take out plastic screws in the corners, and remove the cover completely. Be careful not to brake the plastic clips holding it to the lower edge of the windshield.

Lift the plastic cover in the middle. It's thin, and you can easily bend it to pull out.
Wiper motor

Unplug the wiper motor harness, undo three 10 mm bolts and remove the motor assembly.
Fan housing

There's a plastic frame around the fan housing. It's fastened by two latches.
Fan cover

Detach the cable from the fan cover, remove the screws and lift the cover.

The fan is permanently attached to the motor, so you will have to remove them together.
Fan removal

Wiggle the motor out. If the fit is too tight, unbolt the windshield wiper bracket in the middle.

Unscrew the motor cover. It's not totally necessary, but it will give you more room to inspect the motor.
Motor cover off

Unhook the metal clips that hold the brushes. Be careful, there's a spring inside.

Pull the brushes and inspect them. This picture shows a brush at 40% of its original size. If yours are worn too much, consider replacing them. Your nearby alternator shop is a good place to start.
Rotor cleaning

Clean the rotor contact surface. Cotton swabs and electric contact cleaner is a good start. If the rotor surface is scored, use a fine grinding bit for your Dremel. Clean and sand the brushes too.

Connect the motor and turn on the climate control to verify the operation. The installation is the reverse of removal.

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