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22.01.2006: Master
Plug the end of the clutch line into the master cylinder and insert the locking clip.

Hydraulic clutch conversion on a 1996 Saab 900. The troublesome cable clutch on a 1994-1997 Saab 900 can be relatively easily converted to hydraulic. In 1999, Saab issued a detailed upgrade document describing the conversion, but in essense it's just a direct swap to newer parts used in the NG900/9-3 family from 1998 on. You can get a conversion kit from online suppliers like genuinesaab.com, order the necessary parts from your Saab dealer, or just dig them up at the nearest scrap yard.

You need a clutch pedal with a master cylinder, a clutch line to the gearbox, a brake fluid feed hose to the brake reservoir, and finally a slave cylinder that goes into the transmission replacing the old throwout bearing. The latter part requires a transmission removal, which is described in this section.

In my case, the parts came from a scrap yard, taken off a 1999 Saab 9-3. The slave cylinder installation is not covered here, since I was replacing the entire transmission, but it's fairly straightforward, and the slave bleeding procedure is described in the transmission installation section. After everything is installed, the new clutch system needs to be flushed using a pressure bleeder.


  • 13 mm socket: cluth pedal nuts;
  • 13 mm wrench: upper nut on the clutch pedal;
  • 10 mm socket: lower dash cover, fuse box, coolant tank;
  • Torx T25 screwdriver: lower dash cover, fuse panel;
  • metal cutting tool: e.g. a rotary tool with a flexible extention or a 90° attachment;
  • drill with a 3 mm and 9 mm metal drilling bits.


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