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The front seat removal procedure for a 1996 Saab 900. I had to take the driver's seat out on my project car to replace the upholstery torn by the previous owner. The installation is the reverse of removal. When fitting the bolts, tighten the inner side first (factory recommended torque 22 ft-lbs).


  • Torx T40 socket: seat track bolts;
  • Torx T27 socket or screwdriver: cowl screws;
  • long flat screwdriver: to reach the seatbelt latch release;
  • small wire cutters: to cut a zip tie under the seat;
  • a new zip tie;
  • torque wrench.
Rear bolts

Move the seat forward as much as possible and undo the rear bolts (Torx T40).
Front bolts

Move the seat back and undo the front bolts. Be careful as the seat may fall backwards at this point.

Unplug the connectors and cut the zip tie securing the cable. You can lift the seat now. The only thing that still ties it to the car is the seatbelt.
Cowl front

Remove the screws in front of the cowl and in the middle (Torx T27). The clearance is tight, you need a long screwdriver, but it won't fit straight.
Cowl rear

The last screw in the rear. The cowl removal is not really necessary, but it gives you a detailed view of the seatbelt attachment. You can clearly see the torn part of my seat cover here.

Press the tab in the middle and unhook the belt. You can normally reach this tab with a long flat screwdriver without removing the cowl. The seat is free now.

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