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The Saab 9-5 Sport Exhaust as supplied by Saab USA.
In the trunk

Just picked up the kit at Thornhill Saab, the muffler and the centre pipe are sitting in my trunk. The parts are stainless steel and powder coated.
On the ground

The whole thing on the ground. I've also got an almost new flex pipe from Beacon Motors, since mine needs a replacement badly.
Tip close-up

The tip is the same as on the Viggen. Polished stainless steel with "SAAB" letters on it. The muffler is actually made my Remus, Austria.
Car jacked up

The installation is very straightforward. Raise the car, undo the nuts on the flex pipe and seven hangers that hold the centre pipe and the muffler. Nothing exciting to shoot here.
Rusty joint

The rusty nuts are a major pain, as usual. Be prepared!
Flex pipe

This shot demostrates why did I need a new flex pipe.
Old exhaust

This is how the old exhaust looked like. Functional but boring. My car needs a washing too.

The new one looks and sounds much better. And besides, it has a lifetime warranty.

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