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18.12.2004: The seat
The seat without its backrest upholstery. If your seat heaters do not work, it's a good time to inspect the heating pads for torn wires (they are the two grey squares in the middle).

The front seat upholstery repair on a 1996 Saab 900 (should be very similar on other Saabs too). The previous owner left a huge tear on a side bolster, and the condition of the seat back in whole wasn't the best, so it seemed like a good idea to reskin it. We used fabric instead of leather to provide superior back support during the club's driving events. It is possible to pull the upholstery while the seat is in the car, but it's much easier if you remove the seat first.

Tools and supplies:

  • two pairs of strong needle nose pliers: to bend the staples;
  • long flat screwdriver: to remove the headrest sleeves and lumbar knob;
  • upholstery fabric and thread;
  • soft foam backing of fiber-fill;
  • general sewing supplies.


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