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08.02.2009: Gauge pod
To install the gauge, first remove the trim from the A pillar. I used a door trim removal tool I got from the local auto parts place for about $5. The trim comes off easily. I thought the gauge looked best when positioned low on the A pillar. Both the gauge and the pod are light, so I decided to attach everything with Velcro. I Gorilla-glued the Velcro on the pod and drilled a small hole through the trim to feed the wires through. I used double-sided sticky tape to hold the gauge in position. I kept the tape a little loose so I could fine-tune the gauge's position after it was installed.
There's plenty of space at the bottom of the A pillar to feed the gauge wires through. The yellow wire of the gauge is attached to a circuit with constant current and the red wire is attached to a switched circuit that is only hot when the car is running. Constant current is needed because the gauge needs to remember which of the seven colors you prefer.

Oil pressure gauge installation on a Saab 9-5.

This guide is contributed by Philip Durgin.


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