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08.02.2009: Firewall
My plan was to take the sender wire through the firewall, but I couldn't find anyplace that looked easy. But I did notice that the hood release cable comes through at about the right spot. After pushing the rubber grommet back a bit with a screwdriver, it was easy to fish a stiff wire through the hole, and it came out at just the right spot under the dash. I taped the sender wire to the stiff wire, but it was too tight a fit, so I had to drill the hole a little bigger to get everything through. The main problem was the sender wire was now pushed tight up against the sharp edge of the sheet metal. I used electrical tape to make a pad and stuffed it between the sheet metal and the sender wire. If that doesn't hold up, I'll have to come up with a more permanent solution. (DP: consider this grommet under the fuse box).

Oil pressure gauge installation on a Saab 9-5.

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