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17.09.2008: Reinforcement
Secure all the clamps and attach the reinforcement plate at the front. Tighten to 50 ft-lbs.

Complete exhaust system replacement on a 1999 Saab 9-5 (applies to all four cylinder 9-5 models). The original exhaust rusted through, and is now replaced with a three inch straight through system built by Jak Stoll. It is made of 3" aluminized steel piping and includes a downpipe, sport catalitic converter, two flex joints, resonator and a rear muffler.

Jak's fabrication quality got better over the years. The welds and transitions were much smoother than on the NG900 downpipe I bought from him a few years ago. Other than his choice of a resonator, I didn't really have anothing to complain about. The fit was nearly flawless too. He actually mentioned that he doesn't have a jig for 9-5 exhausts at his shop. Instead, he gets his mother in-law's Aero up on the lift and makes a tailored job every time. I suppose this kind of dedication had to pay off ;].


  • 22 mm (7/8") crowfoot socket: O2 sensors (or specialized O2 sensor socket);
  • 14 mm socket: reinforcement panel, exhaust clamps and joints (could differ depending on the supplier);
  • 13 mm socket or wrench: downpipe to turbo nuts;
  • flat screwdriver: O2 sensor connectors;
  • torque wrench;
  • ramps and jack stands;
  • anti-seize lubricant;
  • exhaust sealant.


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