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17.09.2008: Old exhaust
Such a sorry sight. Big chunks of rust coming off the mufflers, the middle flex pipe's been already replaced at least once, and the front flex is loosing its braiding too.

Complete exhaust system replacement on a 1999 Saab 9-5 (applies to all four cylinder 9-5 models). The original exhaust rusted through, and is now replaced with a three inch straight through system built by Jak Stoll. It is made of 3" aluminized steel piping and includes a downpipe, sport catalitic converter, two flex joints, resonator and a rear muffler.

Jak's fabrication quality got better over the years. The welds and transitions were much smoother than on the NG900 downpipe I bought from him a few years ago. Other than his choice of a resonator, I didn't really have anothing to complain about. The fit was nearly flawless too. He actually mentioned that he doesn't have a jig for 9-5 exhausts at his shop. Instead, he gets his mother in-law's Aero up on the lift and makes a tailored job every time. I suppose this kind of dedication had to pay off ;].


  • 22 mm (7/8") crowfoot socket: O2 sensors (or specialized O2 sensor socket);
  • 14 mm socket: reinforcement panel, exhaust clamps and joints (could differ depending on the supplier);
  • 13 mm socket or wrench: downpipe to turbo nuts;
  • flat screwdriver: O2 sensor connectors;
  • torque wrench;
  • ramps and jack stands;
  • anti-seize lubricant;
  • exhaust sealant.


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