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Saab accessory bag holder installation on a 1999 9-5. The holder offers a convenient way to keep grocery bags in place on those spirited drives home from the supermarket. It fits any 9-5 and 9-3 in both sedan and wagon trim. The installation is easy and straightforward, but requires some drilling. On a sedan you install it on the trunk ceiling, while on the wagon it should be attached to the underside of the cargo guard.


  • Torx T25 screwdriver;
  • drill with a 1/8" bit;
  • centre punch and hammer.
The kit

The kit comes with mounting hardware to install it on all supported car trims and includes assorted screws, nuts, washers and plastic screw caps.
Inside the trunk

Open the trunk, and optionally lower the rear seat. Find a suitable install location close to the outer edge of the trunk.
Test fitting

The Saab manual suggests using only two screws on the 9-5, but they supply three, and it should really hold better if you add a third one in the center.
Centre punch

Make sure the holes you marked are well away from the spot welds. Use a centre punch on the middle hole. Watch your fingers!

Drill the middle hole using a 1/8" bit. Use a drill stop so it doesn't go through the parcel shelf and into the glass.
Outer holes

Fit the middle screw and make sure you marked the outer holes correctly. Undo the screw and remove the holder.
More drilling

Punch and drill the outer holes. Again, take extra care as the metal you're drilling is quite thin.

Install the holder and tighten all three screws with star washers. The hooks should be aimed towards the opening of the trunk.

The hooks can slide left and right along the rail, and you can also fold them to about 45° when they are not used.

While the rail is metal, the hooks itself are made of plastic, so they aren't strong enough to hold a heavy load. However, if the bags can stand the floor, they will be held in place just fine!

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