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04.11.2007: Installed
Fit the pads and tighten the screws. The kit came with flat headed screws so they would be flush with pedal surface, and nylon locking nuts for extra safety.

Aluminium pedal installation on a Saab 9-5.

The original pedal pads on the car got torn from heavy use, so I decided to replace them with a generic pedal kit from a local auto parts store. The mounting hole pattern differs between kits, so chose a kit that could be attached to your pedals without having to drill into the arm on the back on the pedal. I only had one hole that came too close, so I tapped the thread in it instead of using the nut on the back.

It might be good idea to cover the floor before you start drilling. Getting those metal shavings out of the carpet is not easy, even with a powerful vacuum cleaner.


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