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02.06.2007: Bracket
Install the caliper support bracket. Apply some Loctite on the bolts and tighten them to 86 ft-lbs. Lubricate the pad sliding grooves with anti-seize to ensure smooth operation.

Front brake pad and rotor replacement on a 1999 Saab 9-5. This guide will also apply to NG900 and 9-3. Another guide is available if you're looking to upgrade your brakes with 308 mm rotors and Aero calipers.

After the installation, an aggressive bed-in is recommended. Find a street with low traffic and a high speed limit. Do a series of moderate intensity stops to heat up your brakes (or roll with a brake pedal slightly engaged). Then do a series of really hard stops from 100 km/h to 10 km/h. Brake as hard as you can, almost to the point of locking the wheels, but never come to a complete stop, always keep the car moving. Do it 8-10 times, you might notice a strong burning smell and some brake fade by the end of the series - this is normal. Drive the car for another 10 minutes to let the brakes cool down.

Tools and supplies:

  • Torx E20 socket: caliper bolts (2002+ 9-5);
  • 18 mm socket: caliper bolts (1999-2001 9-5);
  • 17 mm socket: wheel bolts;
  • 10 mm Allen socket: caliper bolts (NG900/9-3);
  • 7 mm Allen socket: caliper guide pins;
  • 5 mm Allen socket: rotor index screw;
  • impact driver, drill and screw extractor (optional);
  • wire brush;
  • torque wrench;
  • anti-seize grease;
  • car jack and stands.


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