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02.06.2007: C-clamp
Use a C-clamp to slowly compress the piston back into the caliper. It's easier to do while the old pad is still in. Consider bleeding the brakes afterwards.

Front brake pad and rotor replacement on a 1999 Saab 9-5. This guide will also apply to NG900 and 9-3. Another guide is available if you're looking to upgrade your brakes with 308 mm rotors and Aero calipers.

After the installation, an aggressive bed-in is recommended. Find a street with low traffic and a high speed limit. Do a series of moderate intensity stops to heat up your brakes (or roll with a brake pedal slightly engaged). Then do a series of really hard stops from 100 km/h to 10 km/h. Brake as hard as you can, almost to the point of locking the wheels, but never come to a complete stop, always keep the car moving. Do it 8-10 times, you might notice a strong burning smell and some brake fade by the end of the series - this is normal. Drive the car for another 10 minutes to let the brakes cool down.

Tools and supplies:

  • Torx E20 socket: caliper bolts (2002+ 9-5);
  • 18 mm socket: caliper bolts (1999-2001 9-5);
  • 17 mm socket: wheel bolts;
  • 10 mm Allen socket: caliper bolts (NG900/9-3);
  • 7 mm Allen socket: caliper guide pins;
  • 5 mm Allen socket: rotor index screw;
  • impact driver, drill and screw extractor (optional);
  • wire brush;
  • torque wrench;
  • anti-seize grease;
  • car jack and stands.


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