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20.05.2007: Coil stop
The lowest point of the spring seat is in the back, so that's where the new spring stop should be. Insert a short bolt into one of the drain holes and secure it with a nut.

This guide describes installing a set of Eibach front springs made for a 1999-2002 Saab 9-3 onto a 1995 900. I decided to install these to match the rear Eibachs that were installed on my car earlier as my old Intrax springs did not work well on the convertible. This document can also be used as a general guide for fitting 9-3 front springs to an NG900. One possible reason to do this is better availability and wider product choice of 9-3 suspension parts compared to the aging NG900.

While the front suspension on the 9-3 is mostly identical to NG900, they use different strut mounts and spring seats. As the result, the spring design differs too: 9-3 springs have a constant coil radius along the entire length, while NG900 springs have their end coils tapered to a smaller radius. It turns out, however, that it's still possible to use 9-3 springs on a NG900 with minor modifications and part exchange. You need upper spring seats from a 9-3, new or used, part 4779310.

Tools and supplies:

  • 32 mm (1¼") socket: axle nut;
  • 24 mm wrench: retainer nut on top of the strut;
  • 18 mm socket: tie rod nut;
  • 18 mm wrench: ball joint nut;
  • 17 mm socket: wheel bolts;
  • 16 mm socket: stanchion arm to subframe bolt (optional);
  • 15 mm socket: control arm to subframe bolt (optional);
  • 13 mm socket: lower sway bar link nut, strut mount nuts;
  • 11 mm socket: top of the OEM damper rod;
  • 11 mm open wrench: upper part of sway bar link;
  • 10 mm Allen key: caliper bolts;
  • 7 mm Allen key: top of the Bilstein damper rod;
  • 5 mm Allen key: rotor index screw;
  • torque wrench;
  • car jack and axle stands;
  • ball joint separator;
  • spring compressor;
  • C-clamp: for tightening tie rod ends;
  • breaker bar;
  • vice-grips;
  • large screw extractor (6 mm);
  • hammer and rubber mallet;
  • loctite, anti-seize, rust solvent.


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