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Cabin filter replacement in a Saab 9-5. The only tools needed for the job are a Torx T25 and Phillips screwdrivers.
Passenger side

The cabin filter is located inside the heating and ventilation unit under the dasboard. The access hatch is from the passenger side.
Carpet cover

Start by removing the small carpet cover under the glovebox. Its held by three plastic rivets - pressing the middle tab inward unlocks it and lets you pull the rivet out.
Lower dash cover

Undo the Torx screws alongside the lower dash cover and remove the cover.
Lower glovebox screws

Undo three Torx screws holding the lower part of the glovebox.
Upper glovebox screws

Open the glove box and undo three more screws along its upper edge.
Vent hose

Pull the glovebox, unhook the electric connector and the cooling hose.
Filter cover

The filter cover is held by seven Phillips screws. A 7mm hex socket works too.
Old filter

Pull the old filter and clean the compartment.
New vs old

This shows why is it important to replace your air filter often. You breathe through this thing!
New filter

The filter is installed horizontally, with the upper lip facing the front of the car. Note the adhesive strip on the top side of the filter.
Upper seal

Install the foam seal first, making sure that the cut-outs in it wrap around the pipes along the top of the filter compartment.

Pull the protective film from the adhesive strip on top of the filter (it will stick to the foam seal) and slide the filter in. Fit the trim in the reverse order.

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