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The throttle body inlet pipe porting on the 1994-98 Saab 900 and 1999 9-3. The pipe is located on top of the engine, secured by two screws with a 10 mm hex head.


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21.05.2006: Original
The cast aluminium throttle body inlet pipe has a rather poorly designed entry port at the point where it mates to the delivery pipe from the intercooler. The ridge is rough and uneven with its thickness ranging from 3 to 6 mm, which constitutes a noticeable restriction to the air flow.


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21.05.2006: Ported
Porting the pipe is a well-known and simple modification. The goal is to smooth the ridge, thin down and polish the walls around the entry port, providing a better transition from the delivery pipe. You can use a Dremel or more traditional tools like a round file and sandpaper.

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