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13.10.2005: Control arm
Remove the brake caliper (10 mm Allen) and rotor (5 mm Allen). Now you can choose to either separate the ball joint or unbolt the control arm from the subframe. I find the control arm to be easier.

Inner CV boot replacement on a 1996 Saab 900SE turbo. The repair had to be done because the old boot developed a crack and started leaking grease.

Tools and supplies:

  • new CV boot kit: boot, clamps and grease;
  • 32 mm (1¼") socket: hub centre nut;
  • 17 mm socket: wheel bolts;
  • 15 mm socket: control arm to subframe bolt;
  • 13 mm socket: lower sway bar link nut;
  • 11 mm open wrench: upper part of sway bar link;
  • 10 mm Allen key: caliper bolts;
  • 5 mm Allen key: rotor index screw;
  • snap ring pliers;
  • torque wrench;
  • car jack and axle stands;
  • breaker bar;
  • hammer.


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