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Two-point front suspension brace installation on the 1996 Saab 900. Parts from MP Performance.


  • 11 mm socket;
  • short 11 mm wrench;
  • plastic cutting tools;
  • ramps or car jack and stands;
  • ratchet handle.

The brace is just a long metal rod with bolt holes on the ends. It's designed is to reinforce the front subframe. There's also a 6-point version avaliable for more serious applications.

Raise the car. Cut the end of the plastic shield on the driver's side to gain the access to the opening in the subframe just in front of the control arm attachment point. The pruning scissors from the garden work well.

Locate a small oval hole in the subframe that used to be under the shield you just cut. Insert the bolt with a big washer supplied with the brace. The purpose of the washer is to distribute the load evently.

On the passenger side, there are two shields overlapping. You need to cut the end of the lower shield just like you did it on the other side, and then make a hole in the belt shield.

Attach the brace on one side without tightening the nut, then on the other side. Tighten the nuts while holding the bolts with a short spanner from inside the subframe.

The brace installed. I had to use a couple of washers on both attachment points to lower the brace slightly so it clears the downpipe.

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