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Serpentine belt and pulley replacement on a Saab 9-5.

Tools and supplies:

  • serpentine belt: short (Saab #5590344, NAPA #25060950) or standard (Saab #4899548);
  • pulleys: small idle pulley (#4356127) and tensioner pulley (#5172184);
  • jack stands;
  • 18 mm socket: engine mount central nut;
  • 16 mm socket: engine mount side bolts;
  • 13 mm socket: idle pulley bolt;
  • 10 mm socket: power steering hose clamp;
  • 8 mm socket: belt shield screws;
  • 8 mm Allen key: belt tensioner bolt;
  • 6 mm Allen key: belt tensioner pulley bolt;
  • 3 mm long Allen key: belt tensioner lock;
  • 1/2" socket extension: for use as a tension release lever;
  • torque wrench.

Raise the car and remove the right front wheel. The pictures are a bit dark, it was 23:00 ;)
Belt shield

Remove the plastic belt shield: 5 screws with 8 mm hex head.
Engine mount

Remove the bracket on top of the engine mount: the central nut is 18 mm, and the four bolts on the sides need a 16 mm socket.
Steering hose

Unbolt a hose clamp under the crankshaft pulley so you can fit a wedge under the power steering line (10 mm socket).
Engine support

WIS recommends inserting a wedge between the engine and the frame (I used this big wrench). It seems that you still need to jack up the engine from below as you might need to move it a bit later to align the enging mount holes.

A 1/2" socket extension fits perfectly as a lever to relieve the strain off the belt tensioner. Once the belt is off, check these two pulleys -- their bearings will likely be worn, loose and rattling if the car is over 100K km.
Allen 8 mm

The clearance around the tensioner pulley is very tight, so it's often easier to remove the entire tensioner. You'll need an 8 mm Allen key for that. Mounting torque 33 ft-lbs.

Once the tensioner is off, soak the pulley bolt with a good solvent before taking on it. The 6 mm Allen key socket on the bolt is very shallow and easy to strip.

Luckily, the replacement tensioner pulley comes with new bolt that has a good old hex head.

The small idler hasn't changed. You need a 13 mm socket for that bolt.

The new belt is shorter than the old one. My local dealership didn't have this part in stock, so I picked up a belt from a NAPA store (part #25060950).

Note how the new belt goes directly from the small idler to the steering pump, bypassing the big idler in the middle (the idler is hiding behind the engine mount).
Engine mount

Fit the engine mount bracket with a tightening torque of 39 ft-lbs for the bolts and 78 ft-lbs for the central nut. Fit the belt shield, the wheel, and lower the car to the floor.

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