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20.05.2007: Bolt and clamp
Fit the hose onto the adapter. Tighten the bolt on the mounting tab and the hose clamp. Make sure you position the hose as far to the inside as possible, otherwise it will interfere with the headlight housing.

High flow intake installation on a 2003 Saab 9-5. Another quality Taliaferro product, comes with a reusable K&N filter, adapter and mounting hardware. Replaces the restrictive stock airbox and allows you to hear turbo spool-up and bypass valve discharge sounds.

The installation takes less than an hour. The car should be placed on ramps or jack stands to provide enough room for airbox removal.


  • 13 mm socket and extention: adapter bolt;
  • 10 mm socket: headlight screws;
  • 8 mm socket: headlight and inlet pipe screws;
  • Torx T25 socket: lower shield screws;
  • flat screwdriver: hose clamps;
  • car ramps or jack and stands.


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