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21.09.2008: Universal joint
Loosen all four nuts holding the hub. Some of them can only be reached with a U-joint.

Rear camber shim installation on a 1999 Saab 9-5. The procedure is similar for 1994-1998 Saab 900 and 1999-2002 9-3.

Many 9-5 owners face the problem of the rear camber getting out of spec. It's especially noticeable with lowered suspension, which increases the negative camber to -2° or more, with no factory provision to adjust it (the spec on the 9-5 is -1.1°±0.25° for the sport chassis).

Luckily, Taliaferro Imports make camber adjustment shims that fit all 9-5, NG900 and OG9-3, allowing to change the rear camber by up to 1.2°. My 9-5 had too much camber on the left side, and I used these shims to even things out. Tools:

  • 17 mm socket: wheel bolts;
  • 15 mm socket: hub nuts;
  • socket extension with universal joint;
  • torque wrench;
  • car jack and axle stands.


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