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11.07.2006: Old filter
There's a banjo bolt on each side of the filter. To undo these bolts, hold the filter with a spanner wrench and turn the banjo head with a ratchet. The fuel will start dripping right after you release the tension, a total of 200 ml or more may come out. Unscrew the clamp and remove the filter.

Fuel filter replacement on a 1995 Saab 900. The procedure is the same for all 1994-1998 900 and 1999-2002 9-3. 9-5s are also very similar, except that the filter is covered by a plastic shield.

Before starting the work, start the engine and pull the fuel pump fuse. The engine will eventually use up all fuel in the lines, choke and stall. This is needed to release the fuel pressure and prevent the petrol from fountaining from the banjo fittings when you unscrew the filter.


  • 27 mm wrench: inlet side of the filter;
  • 22 mm wrench: exit side of the filter;
  • 19 mm socket: inlet banjo bolt;
  • 17 mm socket: exit banjo bolt;
  • Torx T30 socket: clamp screw;
  • car ramps or jack and stands.


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