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10.07.2006: Radiator hoses
Attach the remaining coolant hoses: two heater core hoses, upper radiator hose, upper and lower expansion tank hoses.

Engine installation on a 1995 Saab 900 turbo.

Some find it easier to install the engine with the gearbox already attached, but it requires a load leveler so you could tilt the assembly, and I didn't have that. The room to fit them both through is rather tight, so I chose to install them separately.

The transmission can then be bolted on right after the engine is in, and this guide actually mixes engine installation with transmission installation steps. It is advised that you study the gearbox install guide beforehand.

When the job is complete, do not start the engine right away. Unplug the direct ignition cassette harness, pull the fuel pump fuse and crank the engine with the starter to build up sufficient oil pressure. You need a good battery charge for that. Then plug everything back in and start the engine.


  • 22 mm wrench: oil cooler lines;
  • 19 mm wrench: brake booster hose;
  • 16 mm socket: A/C compressor;
  • 15 mm socket: side engine mounts;
  • 13 mm wrench: steering pump bolts, delivery pipe;
  • 10 mm socket: cruise control unit;
  • 8 mm socket: MAP sensor;
  • 7 mm socket: hose clamps;
  • Torx T25 screwdriver: BPC;
  • long ½" extension: belt tensioner release;
  • engine support beam;
  • shop crane;
  • car jacks and axle stands.


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