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09.09.2005: Rear clamp
Tighten the clamp. This one has a shiny new bolt -- I snapped it when removing the clamp and ended up hammering out the old bolt seat and using a regular nut with a washer on that side.

Sport exaust installation on the 1996 Saab 900. The old exhaust system is being replaced with a "sport" cat-back exhaust from the Saab Catalog. The new exhaust is fully stainless, has a straight throught middle pipe and a small muffler in the back. It produces a nice rumbling sound at idle and a proper aggressive note on acceleration. In the same time it manages to remain quiet at cruising speeds.


  • 13 mm socket;
  • ratchet handle;
  • muffler cement;
  • ramps or jacks and stands.


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