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06.10.2004: Limp home reset
If you ever need to reset a previously activated limp-home mode, it can be done directly on the car. Move the end of the spring towards the throttle body to release it from the tab on the pedal arm, and then turn the black toothed disc anti-clockwise, about a centimeter, until it clicks. Now try moving the black plastic pedal arm to make sure that the metal throttle body arm (the lever pointing to the right) is not following it anymore.

Throttle body removal and replacement on a 4-cylinder Saab 9-5.

Tools and supplies:

  • 10 mm socket: throttle body and cable cover bolts;
  • 13 mm or 1/2" wrench: negative battery clamp;
  • flat screwdriver: delivery pipe boot clamps, limp home mechanism reset;
  • pliers: coolant hose clamps;
  • new rubber seal (#9176918) and vaseline;
  • torque wrench.


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